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Using the unique power of peer supports to enhance recovery and self-empowerment informs CAPS, a peer-run organization serving adults in New York’s capital region recovering from mental illnesses.

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CAPS Videos

Announcing Our First CAPS Videos

These virtual tours of CAPS programs introduce the viewer to CAPS' Victor Pagano Community Drop In Center (CDIC), the administrative areas, the upstairs music, art, and exercise rooms, and the 100 Clinton Ave. Apartment Program, Several staff members, members of the morning program at CDIC, and a resident of the Apartment Program share thoughts about their involvement with CAPS.

CAPS thanks Mary Reilly, who volunteered to edit the video.

Capital Area Peer Services

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Club members outside the front door.Club members outside the front door.CAPS was founded in 1989 as Community Living Associates Program, Inc., by a small group of mental health service recipients in the Albany, NY, who envisioned a housing advocacy service that would be staffed by people in recovery from mental illness. Today CAPS has grown to include five programs:



CAPS, A Peer-Run Organization

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peerspeersCAPS, a peer-run agency that serves adults in the capital region of New York who are recovering from mental illnesses, uses the unique power of peer services to enhance recovery and self-empowerment. Our programs enhance the well-being of those we serve through increased community integration, systems advocacy, and problem solving skills in environments that foster self-determination. Capital Area Peer Services (CAPS) promotes dignity, safety, recovery, and community.

CAPS benefits staff and consumers by offering opportunities for companionship and activities, to learn and practice skills applicable to many areas of life, to become more integrated members of the community, and to avoid expensive or lengthy hospital stays.


Been feeling lazy, out of shape and down on life? Come restore yourself to health and well being at C.D.I.C. One of many things C.D.I.C. has to offer is a fitness room. There are several fitness machines to choose from. You can come up with your own exercise routine to help you feel more energetic and healthy. Exercise can also lift your spirits if you're feeling down.

You can also lift your spirits through music and art at C.D.I.C. Our music room has a guitar, drums and keyboard for you to come and jam. Use our art room to channel your creative energies and create your own masterpiece. You don't need any special skills or talents to explore your creativity. Just do it for you. It's also a great coping skill when you're feeling stressed.

You can also utilize our game room, equipped with an X-Box 360, for bowling, golf, baseball, football and more. We have a ping pong table, too!

If you need peace, quiet and time to reflect, use our meditation room.

All of this is available for any member of C.D.I.C. Membership is available to any peer who has been a recipient of mental health services. So come join the fun at C.D.I.C.!

This isn't me but this is what my writing anxiety sometimes looks like.This isn't me but this is what my writing anxiety sometimes looks like.I have to admit something. I often feel totally inadequate to do any writing for this website. There. I said it. What I mean is that whenever I sit down to write something I get freaked. Nervous. Sweaty. I feel I have no ability to write anything anyone will want to read. I worry about what people will think of what I write. I think I don't have anything worth saying. Even though I consider myself a good writer, I have spent a lifetime panicking whenever I have to start writing something. I used to say, when I was in college, that I would rather clean the toilet than start writing.

Sean welcoming me to the club.Sean welcoming me to the club.Wow! I spent the afternoon of May 10, 2012, in CDIC taking pictures for this website. It was a remarkable experience of involvement, interaction, music, dancing, laughing, and helping me with pictures. It was easy and delightful to feel the energy and pride of so many CDIC members and staff. I saw real peer support going on practically everywhere.
Two friends.Two friends.I will be taking more pictures soon and can hardly wait to get there. As a board member, I've seen the club in action but have never experienced its particular wonderfulness in such a personal way before. I'd like to thank everyone for their gracious help.
I am so looking forward to working with CDIC members on this website on an ongoing basis. More about that later.

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Hi, my name is Stacy Carter. I'm glad to be one of the newest members of the CAPS Board. My past peer experiences include being a member of Fountain House  in NYC, being the ACCAB board chairman, working as a peer specialist. I am presently working with NYAPRS as a peer bridger. I look forward to working with CAPS as a board member and hope to became a valuable member of the board.

Albany County Legislature buildingAlbany County Legislature buildingEarlier this year, fellow board member Stacy Carter and I went to the Albany County Legislature. Our purpose was to lay out CAP's expectations for a new Director of the Albany County Department of Mental Health. At the time, Dr. Stephen J. Giordano was the Acting Director. Dr. Giordano has been supportive of peer services and we wanted him to be the Director.

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CAPS 2011


  • 12,649 people through the door
  • 103 new members joined


  • Received 1994 calls
  • Referred 110 people to local service providers for further assistance or guidance relative to the nature of their calls.

Peer Advocates

  • 87,848 minutes of contact with clients at CDPC


Our potentially permanent housing facility for homeless and mentally ill men has nine beds which are usually operating at full capacity.

Peer Support

Our Executive Director advocates for CAPS at local committees including

  • Single Point of Access, (SPOA) for housing
  • Mental Health Planning Committee
  • Executive Leadership Committee
  • PSCC committee dealing with high users of emergency services and attempting to assist with intervention by various providers.
  • Association for Community Living meetings and trainings
  • Coalition to End Homelessness
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