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Using the unique power of peer supports to enhance recovery and self-empowerment informs CAPS, a peer-run organization serving adults in New York’s capital region recovering from mental illnesses.

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Last October [2009] I spoke in Schoharie County to service providers from the local mental health clinic there, the County DSS, and representatives from RSS. I had been invited to speak about the successes of people moving from participation in public mental health programs to competitive employment as someone who has worked in the public mental health system since 1995. A significant part of my presentation covered what I had been part of as Director of the Consumer Drop-In Center from 1997-2001.

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My participation of the CAPS board has helped me to feel I can make a difference in the lives of people who suffer from mental illness. Activities related to securing funding, overseeing program management, the budget, empowering peers, etc., are especially rewarding.

Category: Board Blog

I have been an advocate of “grass roots" solutions my entire life as I believe the best solutions are ones generated by the community who ultimately has to live with the results. In terms of mental health answers with our community was deeply troubled by the initiatives promulgated over the past 30 years that closed mental health facilities with no viable alternative options available. Perhaps the most poignant example of this for me was the legions of homeless people trying to survive on the streets of our nation's capital . . .

Category: Board Blog

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