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Using the unique power of peer supports to enhance recovery and self-empowerment informs CAPS, a peer-run organization serving adults in New York’s capital region recovering from mental illnesses.

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Mental Illness, either by
Environmental factors or
Naturally occurring is
Although with some
Lasting effects such as:
Labeling by an ignorant society
Looking for perfection, but
Never at itself. Although its
Entirely possible for
Society to change
So that all may be equals.

Category: Expressions

Upon a new World revealed
Unto thee
Full of CD old and
New MP3,
Full of new things in
A digital age
Of whence one could never
Ever have gauged,
In a World of Email
Gmail and all the rest
There’s always a threat
To the privacy test,
When Viruses, Trojans, Worms
Abound about
One must be a vigilante
Without a doubt,
Where money
But maybe just
As told unto
There is a place
Of Harmony
Where a sweet match

Category: Expressions

Like on a starry
Keeps ones
From being a
As the Moon
Does shine
Please keep
In mind
That all is
Not bad
In a World that
Is glad
To welcome
The next day
In every

Category: Expressions

You are like a night

That shines bright

Why do you cry so softly


So you light shines

Reach out

Grab my hand

Hold it tight

It's ok you will see your light

Soon the days will come

You will see your sun

One day you will be one

Category: Expressions


There may come a day

when you and I might receive a rose,                                                                    

and if we should have such luck,

we mustn’t forget   to thank the person

who cared enough to remember  us

when we were all alone;

‘cause a rose can be given

for many reasons,

for instance;

when someone suffers  from a lonely heart;

proving  that the person who gave it  

was thinking of love and compassion

from the very start;

so for those of us

who represent

the lonely

fear not; 

let us seek comfort from our pain,

and let not our teardrops fall,

or our hearts

beat in vain.

Wings So I Can Fly

The doctor gave me some good news today. He said, " Even though you're dangerously mentally ill you're getting better with the help of therapy and the right combination of pills." My recovery hasn't been easy though, instead it's been full of ups and downs. Never the less, I can honestly say that God has given me both the courage and the strength to turn my life around, and even though most days I feel like I've been institutionalized, or that my life is a living hell; I still keep wishing and hoping that the doctors will release me, since I'm finally doing well. As for the future? I pray that the day will finally arrive, when my teardrops will no longer fall from the corners of my weary eyes, and that if I keep the faith, someday God will grant me wings so I can fly.

Happiness is What We Believe In

Happiness is important because it comes from deep within, and is what many of us would like to believe in. Unfortunately there will always be problems in life to solve For man’s world is filled with war and chaos; something only God can resolve. Many of us would like to help save mankind but we must wait patiently for God to give us a sign. For our future is truly in His hands helping us to do His will whenever we can and as each day goes by and we grow old let us remind ourselves that happiness is good for the heart and soul. This is why as humans we must find a way to share our happiness each and everyday because happiness can be achieved, even in times of despair so take time out to show someone you care; for happiness is better than feeling down so if you can, try to smile instead of frown.

Prisons and Institutions

Have you ever visited someone in a prison or an institution that you know?

Or did you ever spend time just talking with them on the phone?

 If you haven’t, then ask yourself, “What do people in prisons and institutions do every day”?

Do you realize it’s just another day for them to pray?

Have you ever lived in such a horrible place?

Hoping that someone would dry the tears running down your face?

If you have then you know the pain I’ve felt all the time,

 because no one even cared enough to drop me a line?

Think about it.  How would you feel if all you wanted was to be free?

You too would be like a mole, that’s too blind to see;

Always looking for a hole where you can hide;

While your ears focus on the sounds of the outside.

Would you lie on your bed and weep?

Hoping to fall asleep?

Until you hear the sound of a voice;

reminding you that you have no choice

but to rise and shine on command

for your life consists of nothing but demands

leaving you wanting to rid yourself of the monkey on your back                                               

while wishing the doctors would cut you some slack

for in prisons and institutions there are major trials and tribulations

that seem almost unbearable to overcome with hope and determination.

And then there are the times when you feel like you can’t go on,  

But you have to remember that you have no choice but to be strong

And when you feel like you’ve lost all your pride

take from me, never ever let them see you cry!


This poem is dedicated to all those people who have been unfortunate enough to have lived such a life.


Food Stamps and Government Checks

Every first day of the month

Consumers wait for their food stamps

And their government checks to arrive;

So they can shop ‘til they drop

At every dollar store that they can find.

The money runs out though

Leaving them only with a dime;

And a bag full of empty soda cans

Worth a nickel every time,

But if they want to recycle

To get a little money back

They’ll have to wait on line.

And then there are the benefits

Of SSD and SSI,

That hardly cover the bills or  

the bare necessities of life.

And if you are without a support network

Or lack the money you need to survive

Blame it on the politicians

Who don’t take time out to realize,

That it’s because of all their budget cuts

That people are losing their jobs and their lives.





God had a way of testing your faith

And the devil caused you to fumble with


As each dealer, each bartender, each liquor store

Sold you their drugs so you could get high;

Your remedies for your withdrawals were

Like candies are to a diabetic;

One piece wasn’t enough to cure the cravings and

I’m sure some days you wanted to die,

And although you paid the ultimate price;

Your death instead of a future on earth or

Your chance to hold someone tight

I can honestly say that if you had recovered from

Your addiction you’d have been an inspiration

And would have helped others to see the light.

As for those of us who knew you most,


We burn a candle and thank the lord that you’re

Watching over us tonight

And we’ll always know with-in our

Hearts and souls

That you made it to the other side;

That you passed God’s final test and

So He granted you wings so you could fly…

For he made you an angel in heaven;

 Giving you a place to reside

while granting you the greatest gift of all,

The gift of eternal life.






Category: Expressions

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