COVID-19 Policy

Policy: The offices and drop-in center program areas need to be cleaned and sanitized regularly for the health and safety of the staff and clients.

Purpose: Center for Disease Control (CDC) recommends routine cleaning and disinfecting ...


  • All staff and members are required to have face masks.
  • The Drop-In Center will be sanitized prior to opening and will be re-sanitized as needed.
  • All staff and members of the Drop-In Center are required to wear masks at all times with the exception of when eating and/or drinking.
  • All seating is set up with social distancing and members are required to maintain social distancing at all times in all areas (Television areas and X-Box area). The maximum capacity will be 25%.
  • The main priority of CDIC is to allow for meals. As the demand exceeds capacity those who have already eaten will be asked to leave to accommodate new members.
  • Staff will regularly disinfect tables after members have finished eating prior to another member being seated in that area.
  • All staff and member’s temperatures will be checked using a touchless thermometer prior to entry.
  • A hand sanitizing station is set up inside the entrance and members are required to sanitize their hands immediately upon entry and after using restrooms.
  • Restrooms will remain locked and members will have a staff member open them as needed. Staff will disinfect all restroom surface areas using bleach and water immediately after each use.
  • Staff members, wearing gloves and masks, will serve each member individually at the table and remove dishes when finished.