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Using the unique power of peer supports to enhance recovery and self-empowerment informs CAPS, a peer-run organization serving adults in New York’s capital region recovering from mental illnesses.

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CAPS Videos

Announcing Our First CAPS Videos

These virtual tours of CAPS programs introduce the viewer to CAPS' Victor Pagano Community Drop In Center (CDIC), the administrative areas, the upstairs music, art, and exercise rooms, and the 100 Clinton Ave. Apartment Program, Several staff members, members of the morning program at CDIC, and a resident of the Apartment Program share thoughts about their involvement with CAPS.

CAPS thanks Mary Reilly, who volunteered to edit the video.

Capital Area Peer Services

A group of members in front of the club.CAPS was founded in 1989 as Community Living Associates Program, Inc., by a small group of mental health service recipients in the Albany, NY, who envisioned a housing advocacy service that would be staffed by people in recovery from mental illness. Today CAPS has grown to include five programs:


CAPS, A Peer-Run Organization

A group of members in the club.CAPS, a peer-run agency that serves adults in the capital region of New York who are recovering from mental illnesses, uses the unique power of peer services to enhance recovery and self-empowerment. Our programs enhance the well-being of those we serve through increased community integration, systems advocacy, and problem solving skills in environments that foster self-determination. Capital Area Peer Services (CAPS) promotes dignity, safety, recovery, and community.

CAPS benefits staff and consumers by offering opportunities for companionship and activities, to learn and practice skills applicable to many areas of life, to become more integrated members of the community, and to avoid expensive or lengthy hospital stays.




I have been an advocate of “grass roots" solutions my entire life as I believe the best solutions are ones generated by the community who ultimately has to live with the results. In terms of mental health answers with our community was deeply troubled by the initiatives promulgated over the past 30 years that closed mental health facilities with no viable alternative options available. Perhaps the most poignant example of this for me was the legions of homeless people trying to survive on the streets of our nation's capital . . .

Let me be clear that I was not an advocate of the former solution! Warehousing and medicating an entire part of our society was (and is) a terrible idea that was more of an answer for the people who would prefer to ignore, or "not know" about those folks struggling with challenges many of us cannot even imagine.

These two observations have made me an advocate of peer run organizations that are intimately connected to their communities. And when I was asked to join the Board for CAPS, I considered it an honor and an opportunity to serve.

I was elected Board President in 2006 and been happy to serve in that role since. Our Board is an active one that meets, on behalf of CAPS, with members of the community and government to promote "peer solutions." We also pitch in when needed to support our staff, which do excellent work, but is not nearly large enough to answer the demand for services. I am particularly proud of the reputation CAPS has earned over the past few years as an example of a successful peer solution.

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